Plant health is an increasingly important issue as sufficient food security is endangered by global climate change and population growth.


Our research focuses on elucidating the key molecular mechanisms underlying Potato virus A (PVA) infection. PVA is a member of genus Potyvirus, which is economically the most devastating group of plant RNA viruses. Understanding the different stages of virus infection is a prerequisite for being able to prevent infections.


We are a part of the Viikki Plant Science Center and provide excellent infrastructure for plant-virus interaction studies. Research in the group is carried out with advanced techniques in biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology. 

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October 8th 2020
Our group website has moved!
Please visit our new site at https://www.helsinki.fi/en/researchgroups/plant-virus-interactions
May 2020
Congratulations to Kristiina for a new Academy of Finland project grant for 2020-2024!